Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Right... Go-To October Outfit

Go-To oct
Jackie // Living After Midnite

I know you've seen these sneakers a couple of times now (here and here in my Fitness Friday posts) but I recently received a request to style them in an every day outfit (because if you haven't caught on, they're all the rage right now).  If you've followed me long enough though, you know I'm usually not the first to hop on a trend bandwagon but this one came just at the right time.  Since I've been on the road to recovery from an IT band injury while marathon training I haven't really worn heels for at least 5 weeks.  Yes, I know, I've worn them in my blog posts but I have to confess I haven't strutted around in them very long. 
In an effort to pamper my feet and stay fashionable, I've incorporated these into my wardrobe pretty much every day so it's only fitting they made it into my go-to October outfit.  It looks like Jackie fell for the sneaker trend this month too - be sure to check out her look as well!  
Oh and sorry for the semi-awkward poses - I was doing my best to hide the tape job from my PT.  T-4 days til my body gets a rest!


Kohl's Denim Jacket, Ivy & Blu Camo Dress (c/o, similar here), Under Armour Shoes (c/o)

Photos: Jen Dang

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