Friday, October 10, 2014

Fitness Friday: Marathon Training Edition

Let’s do a little marathon training check in shall we?  I’ve never done a dedicated fitness post on this blog (I’ve alluded to actually working out multiple times and if you follow me on social you know I like to get sweaty sometimes and you may or may not have noticed I’m training for the NYC marathon).  Hang with me, it's a bit lengthy today but I really felt like I needed to get this all out.


Let’s talk about my journey, shall we?  Back in January I decided I was over being an asshole and not taking care of my health.  I’ve always eaten healthy (for the most part, although I do love me some pizza, fried food and desserts but who doesn’t?) but since moving to NYC eating healthy on the reg was a challenge (yes, the “busy” excuse was thrown around a lot).  So this year, I made a vow to start putting my health first.  I also hit the gym again until you guessed it, mid-February, when my oomph wore off a little (and the polar vortex and a cold and any other excuse...).  Come March I decided 2014 was the year I was going to run the NYC marathon.  [Major sidenote, it had been 2 years since my last race (Huntington Half!) but I felt like it was time.]  NYC has been on my running bucket list and I’m living here now and I finally found my groove, so why not?  I didn’t make it into the lottery but I was blessed to be chosen as a sweepstakes winner to run for Team for Kids and TCS paid for my fundraising obligation.  Yes I realize this is a HUGE deal and a major blessing, so now it’s go time.  Right?  Wrong.  I started to dabble in running again in April and May, completed our busy season at work in June, went home for vacay, went to the lakehouse for Fourth of July, still needed a little recovery from my vacation so I started training the week of July 14.  Let’s make a note that TFK started training in May and they had already been doing 12-14 mile runs at this point.  My longest here was 7.  Also back up a bit, I signed up for ClassPass in May and hit that first month hard.  Like worked out more frequently than I had in a long ass time (18 classes in one month.  Go.Me.).  Feeling like I was in amazing shape, I started training.  And then ClassPass kinda fell off.  I stopped doing barre and Cyc and just started running more.  I did my first long run at a NYRR practice run in CP and felt amazing.  14 miles done and done and felt so good.  Until about 3 hours after my run.  And then foot pain.  2.5 weeks later I was finally feeling up to running again (mind you, I only did yoga a couple of times in between but otherwise didn’t work out much because it hurt to walk.  Super fun.  Not.).  I had also been missing November Project* which had quickly become an obsession of mine (it might have also contributed to me pushing myself too far because even after those 14 miles that Sunday I did another 4 to get to the NP Social that night.  Yes, you’re reading that correctly, I ran 18 miles that day.  Dumb.  But I would have had such bad #NPFOMO!).  *More on November Project in an upcoming post.


Fast forward to now.  I had to completely revise my training plan to build up miles again and I am still struggling to fight off these injuries (including now maje IT band issues and am seeing a PT at least twice a week).  Some things I’m learning and wanted to share (and no, this is not all a complete revelation for me):
-You MUST have strong hips to run.  I sit at my desk most days and I haven’t focused on these babies at all, but it is imperative to have strong hips.  And glutes.  Strong hips = better running gait (that's basically the way your feet land when you run) because it starts from the top down.  I'm also currently working on the 30 day glute challenge per the doc to strengthening these bad boys at lightening speed.
-Shoes.  DO NOT start training for your race in shoes that you wore at your last race 2 years ago.  Dumb, I know, I was just too busy to go to the damn running store and get a new pair.  PS-my new go-to running store in NYC is NewYork Running Company because they def know their ish. 
-Cross training: just do it.  You need to regularly do cross training (and specifically strength training) because it will help SO.MUCH.  Just like the hip thing.  And you can usually do a pretty good leg workout in about 15 minutes if you’re pressed for time (my Nike Training Club app is my favorite).
-Yoga/Stretching: makes the world of difference.  Make yoga a thing.  I love hot yoga at YTTP.

And now onto this sick gear I’m wearing in today’s post.  Under Armor had an amazing event during Fashion Week that I attended with Jackie to kick off their #IWillWhatIWant campaign.  #IWillWhatIWant is "a reminder that you don't need permission, advice or affirmation when you have WILL. It’s a celebration of who you are. As an athlete. As a woman.  As everything in between and beyond.  It’s a reminder that the best things in life aren't given. They’re earned. And there’s one reason you are where you are today. That reason is you."  With that said, despite the ups and downs I've had with this marathon training, I'm beyond determined to finish this race and I know my WILL will get me there.  I can't wait to tell you guys about my race day experience and thank you for taking the time to read today's post (and for reading in general).
Countdown to race day: 23 days.  Let's do this. 


Under Armour I Will What I Want Tank (c/o, similar here), Under Armour Capris (c/o), Under Armour Shoes (c/o), Tory Burch Sunglasses
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Oh and in case you were wondering what I actually look like when I work out #wokeuplikethis:
November Project

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