Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Right... Fall Layers



It's amazing how much mileage I've gotten out of this LOFT romper since I bought it.  I figured I'd wear it through September and the put it away until next spring but I've found myself reaching for it over and over and layering it multiple ways to continue to mix it up.  This was one of our first really cold days this fall and I definitely felt I had enough layers on (maybe should have been wearing pants vs tights but whatevs - I'm not quite ready to commit to that yet).  I will also definitely be wearing this with a turtleneck/cozy sweater over as another cold weather option.
And these booties?  Can we talk about them for a second?  I had yet to find a pair of ankle booties that didn't cut off my legs at a really awkward spot and these ones are perfect IMO!  They also have a bit of a western style to them which makes that west coast/country part of me really happy.  
Elie Tahari for Kohl's Jacket, Michael Kors Faux Fur Vest (similar here), LOFT Romper, Hanes Hosiery Tights (c/o), Trask Booties (c/o)
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Photos: Jackie Giardina

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Gift Guide: Menswear Monday

Welcome to my first of 4 gift guides for 2014!  Today is all about that special guy in your life, whether it be a brother, boyfriend, husband, father, grandfather, cousin, GBF, guy friend (you get the drift...).  Last year I gifted my brother a watch for Christmas and in my opinion a watch is a pretty safe bet for a gift.  Since there are so many options out there (dressy, sporty, casual, etc.), it's easy to scoop one up for almost any guy on your list.  I'm really loving the new Victorinox Night Vision watches (if you caught my first post about the new brand here you can see why they're so great!) - and especially the green color option.  I don't know why but lately I've gravitated toward dark green as a new neutral.
I've also included a few other tech gadgets and clothing/accessory options.  I have to confess, I threw the camo tote in because one of my best guy friends has one and I'm completely obsessed with it (so much that I've thought about buying one for myself!).  My go-to retailers for men's gifts are Gap, Nordstrom (especially the under $100 section), Brookstone and Urban Outfitters (there's some amazing, quirky things on UO right now!).  Would love to hear what you're planning to scoop up and who you're shopping for!
Mens Giftguide
iPhone Fisheye Lens, Portable Speaker, Victoriox Night Vision watch, Burton Touch Screen Gloves, Graphic Image iPad Cover, Minnetonka Slippers, Gap Camo Tote, Beer Making Kit, Herschel Duffel Bag, Monogrammed Flask, North Face Pullover

This post was sponsored by Victorinox to celebrate the expansion of their watch collection.  All opinions expressed are my own and thank, you for supporting the brands that make this little blog possible.

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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Right... Fall White Dress



I don't know about you but last weekend I finally put my shorts away and pulled out my sweaters (yes, in NYC you actually have to pack things away when the seasons change because really, who has a closet big enough for all the clothes all the time?)  There were a couple of things I was hesitant to pack away because they were some of my most loved pieces of Spring/Summer - this white dress being one of them.  I decided to challenge myself and see how I can style them through winter, and here's my first attempt!!  Luckily the weather hasn't quite turned freezing cold yet because I don't think this would go too well with tights (but then again, you never know :) ).  I layered a sweater over and topped with my go-to faux leather jacket and I was ready for a fall weekend adventure.  How would you style it?  I'd love to hear in the comments below!  

Faux Leather Jacket (c/o LuLu*s), Gap Cropped Sweater (similar here), Free People White Sundress, Soda Peep Toe Booties (c/o LuLu*s), Old Navy Bucket Bag

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Photos: Jen Dang

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Right... Fall Riding Boots




Ok, it's official.  I've finally surfaced from my big work event, marathon cloud and am finally feeling human again.  And kind of with it.  But only kinda.  Because now I can finally get excited about my next big adventure: E-U-R-O-P-E!!!!!!!!  I've kept the trip a little hush by accident because I've just been so busy with everything else I couldn't really focus on it.  But I head off to Paris, Florence and Milan next Thursday and I'll be gone for 9 days!  Any suggestions are welcome, I'm working on finalizing my lists now!
In today's post I wanted to share two of my latest can't live without items for fall: the perfect wide-calf riding boots and this blanket scarf.  First the boots - I know I've preached to you about how wide my calves are but it really was getting to be an issue when finding boots.  Then during all the David Bromstad for Naturalizer excitement, I was browsing the site and realized they offer wide calf in almost all of their boots.  When I had the chance to test drive them, I instantly fell in love.  The leather is gorgeous, they are beyond comfortable and they fit amazing (you can't really tell they are wide calf unlike some other wide calf boots I've found).  Second, this blanket scarf.  I stumbled upon this poncho/scarf at Uniqlo when searching for some ultra light weight down for morning workouts (blue vest pictured) and for a mere $20, I found the one thing I literally can't stop wearing.  At the office, on the weekends, at home.  Everywhere.  It's so soft and cozy and extremely versatile.  There's a good possibility both will make it into my suitcase for Europe...
Uniqlo Blanket Scarf/Poncho, Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest, J. Crew Chambray Dress (similar here), Naturalizer Riding Boots (c/o)
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Photos: Jen Dang

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Fitness Friday: Marathon Prep

Hello friends!  I feel like it's been a while!  Sorry for being completely MIA this past week, between work being busy and running the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon I kinda had to take a little break from this corner of the internet.  I'm happy to report I finished the race, and while it was definitely not my best time ever (5:51:10) I feel great now (despite my knee pain almost the entire time).  My mantra was to "enjoy the journey" and I definitely did.  It's definitely a little weird not having to plan my weekend around running!
So.  Have you ever wondered what to pack for the start line and the race? 
Here's my list and I definitely want to hear if you use any of these things yourself!  Oh and keep in mind, my race conditions were 42* with wind gusts of 25-30 MPH in some spots!
Clothing (remember, try to avoid wearing anything new - ideally you'll wear your long run outfit.  After your long run, wash everything and fold it up until race day):
Compression bottoms (I went with these CW-X capris but compression is great for your muscles while running.  If you go with shorts, you may want to wear compression calf sleeves if it'll be cold)
Race shirt (usually a tighter fitting top because you don't want anything to rub - I went with a dri fit, fitted tank)
Sports Bra
Injury needs 
Garmin/Running Watch/iPhone Holder (if you run with one)
Fuel belt
And if needed: throw away gloves/sunglasses/sweaty band/hat/neck warmer (again, climate is key here)
Oh and don't forget any Good Luck charms!


During the Race Needs (again, nothing new on race day! Don't bring fuel you didn't train with):
Race Nutrition (Gu’s, Chomps, electrolyte water ETC.)
Cell Phone
2 travel sized baby wipes
Money/License/Metro Card
Advil/Pain relievers
And girly stuff if needed

And ta-da!  My race day outfit (I last minute threw a black dri fit shirt under my tank because of the wind):

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