Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Right...Go-To March Outfit

Whiskey Ginger  //  Living After Midnite


Guys.  I cannot believe the first day of April is next week.  Seriously where does the time go?  I'm always reminded how quickly time goes by when I do these go-to posts because most of the time I feel like I just did one a week prior!
This month's go-to really was a go-to.  Before you judge my next sentence, let me just preface it by saying it's been a little crazy around here and I've been exhausted and only half paying attention at times.  With that said, this outfit really was a go-to because I actually did wear it twice in one month.  And didn't realize it until I had the outfit in mind (because I wore it last weekend), was scrolling through IG trying to figure out what my go-to should be and saw I wore it already.  Woops.  But I guess if it works, it works, right?
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DVF Leopard Moto Jacket, Black Swan Dress (c/o LuLu*s), Hanes Tights (c/o), Sole Society Booties (c/o), 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli

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Photos: Jen Dang

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Window Shopping Wednesday: Tropical Getaway

I definitely saw a trend on instagram over the weekend - I think 75% of the people I follow were away on a tropical getaway.  And it definitely left me with some pangs of jealousy but also some inspiration for today's post.  I was especially inspired by Julia's visit to Cuixmala Mexico so I'm sharing a couple of things I'd pack for a trip to this resort:
vacation insp
1-MIA Wedges, 2-Tildon Floppy Hat, 3-ASOS One Piece, 4-LOFT Lace Top, 5-Forever21 White Dress, 6-1. State Dress, 7-Maggy London Wrap Dress, 8-ASOS Floral Bikini, 9-ASOS Mesh Bikini Bottom, 10-Topshop Gladiator Sandals, 11-Topshop Lace Shorts, 12-Anthropologie Floral Bikini

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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Right... Oversized Bow Tie




Question of the day: what do you wear to an NBA game?  On a Friday?  Well my friends, keep it simple with black and white.  I wore this to the Knicks vs. Nets game a couple of weeks ago after doing some mayje research on what to wear to an NBA game.  We were headed to Barclay's Queen Bey's territory after all and I wanted to make sure I looked good.  Oh and it was also a double date (insert must.look.good. pressure here).  How do you think I did?

H&M Button Up Tunic, Banana Republic Sweater Vest, Gap Skinny Pants, Shoedazzle Studded Pumps, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag, ASOS Oversized Bow Tie
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fitness Friday: Hot Yoga Edition

I'm excited to talk to you guys about yoga today!  Coming from hot yoga last Sunday I felt especially inspired to write today's post and take on the week. 
I have come to love hot yoga because it really helps me clear my mind and get a nice stretch/cleanse in while continuing to challenge my muscles.  And no, I'm not referring to Bikram yoga and no, hot yoga is not scary, it's more of a yoga class in a warm room.  You definitely sweat a lot but it's by no means unbearable!  I've also realized that while I don't consider myself a full blown "yogi" by any means, I've really grown in my practice and appreciate the teachings in every class I attend because they really help put life into perspective.
Today I'm breaking down my essentials for a hot yoga class: a mat, a no-slip towel (or any towel really - trust me, you will need a towel), a medium-impact sports bra and either compression shorts or capris.  I personally prefer doing hot yoga with just a sports bra and shorts but if you're not quite ready to bare all of that a fitted tank and capris work great too.  
Now back to my post about ClassPass and my favorite yoga studios in the City.  My first yoga experience was at Yoga to the People when I first moved here and I've since tried New York Hot yoga and Y7 Studio.  My favorite, hands down is Yoga to the People because it's the most unpretentious and welcoming yoga studio you'll ever try in your life.  Not to mention the classes are only $5!  But since they're so amazing, it can definitely get competitive trying to get a spot (I've been known to line up at 6:15 for a 7 PM class on a Monday night) so if I want to use ClassPass and actually reserve a spot I'll head to Y7.  They started out in Brooklyn but share a studio in SoHo with The Monster Cycle (more on that later!) and it's pretty convenient for me to get to.  Oh and the vibe is truly awesome.

All my hot yoga essentials:

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Window Shopping Wednesday: LOFT Spring Favorites

Guys.  LOFT.  Have you seen their new arrivals?  I was plotting something else for today's post but stopped dead in my tracks after I opened the LOFT new arrivals email.  I rounded up 9 of my favorites below - which ones are you loving?!
WSW Loft Favorites
LOFT Denim Jacket, Red Ankle Pants, Yellow Eyelet Skirt, Faux Leather Paneled Sweatshirt, Scallop Lace Shorts, Lace Striped Dress, Eyelet Blouse, Striped Pants, White Shirtdress

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