Friday, July 22, 2016

Fitness Friday: My First Triathlon

I finished my first (sprint) triathlon on Sunday, July 10th and it was AMAZING.  I am still over the moon about the entire experience because it was by far the most fun race I've ever completed.  I went out to Jamesport with Emily (who also competed) and Kaitlin who was our cheer squad (and photog!).  This sprint tri consisted of a 500M swim in the Peconic Bay, a 16.1 mile bike ride around the North Fork and a 5k (3.1 mile) run.  

Getting our numbers stamped on!

At this point we were excited!  Then I put my wetsuit on and anxiety set in.

Admiring our numbers [and our guns ;) ]
While I definitely didn't train as hard as I could have,I was definitely the least prepared for the swim because I still get a lot of anxiety in the water and I had no idea what to expect with the open water swim.  I wore a wetsuit and the water was incredibly warm so luckily I skipped the full body shock people normally experience when running into the water for the first time.  What did shock me was that the bay was salt water.  I don't ask why this never occurred to me but I guess that's what you get for growing up around lakes and only swimming in pools!  That first splash of salt water to the face was terrible and I ended up back stroking about 90% of the swim.  To make sure I was continually sighting, I made up a fun game of flipping over ever 13-15 strokes so I didn't go too far off course.  

The transition to the bike was not as hard as I expected.  It was a bit of a jog to the transition area but luckily I had my whits about me and wasn't too disoriented from the swim.  My wetsuit also came off really easily (which was a pleasant surprise).  I decided not to clip in to the bike because I hadn't practiced that yet.  The bike course was absolutely beautiful.  We were passing all the farms and fields and it was so peaceful and I truly think the bike was my favorite part.  I was also fascinated by the ages of other participants.  You get your age stamped on your right calf so every time someone passed me I would note their age and they ranged all the way from 18 - 75,!  All I could think was that I will make it a new #lifegoal to still be competing in triathlons when I'm in my 70s.  It was incredible. 
The bike to run was totally comical.  Since I didn't clip in I literally racked the bike, took my helmet off, clipped on my number belt and took off.  My legs felt like lead and I really thought I'd have the WORST time.  Knowing I wasn't going for any specific time goal but rather to just finish, I really focused on relaxing and settling into my breathing.  I don't think I had really caught my breath between the swim and the bike so it was nice to chill and just jog along.  
13646805_10154197849828260_1845556983_o (1)

I had estimated the race would take me about 2 hours so when I rounded the corner to the finish and saw the time I was ecstatic!  Unofficially I saw my time as 1:47 which was amazing.  I later found out my official time was 1:42 which was even better!
I think this triathlon was so good for me because it pushed me to try something new that I wasn't sure I would succeed at.  It's so easy to just get out and run when I've been doing it for so long but by challenging myself to do this race, it reminded me that trying new things is sometimes scary but necessary to continue to grow and develop.  I have to give a huge thanks to my friend Peter for all the amazing bike knowledge and showing me the riding ropes, Nina for letting me borrow her wheels and my NP fam for all the well wishes and support.  I am beyond pleased with my performance considering I didn't train nearly as hard as I could have.  I don't think there will be any more triathlons this summer but I'm gearing up to get my own bike and sign up for at least one if not two next year!  

I am definitely planning to do a post talking about my packing strategy, how I set up my transition area, my favorite triathlon resources, etc. so look forward to those!  I also started NYC Marathon training this week so keep me in your thoughts as I start to rack up the miles.  I'll hopefully get back into regular Fitness Friday posts recapping my runs and workouts so stay tuned for those!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Times, They Are A Changin'



Let's do a little check in, shall we?  Life's been busy and, TBH, a little weird over here since I last checked in with you guys.  Busy because I had my triathlon last weekend (recap coming very soon!) and I'm trying to get back to regular strength training to prep for NYC Marathon training which starts Monday (gasp, I know.  I'm no where near ready for that).  


Life's been weird because lots of things have been changing in the last month or so.  I got back from vacation, came home to no roomie (she's in LA for the summer), had my last week at my old job, started my new job and a new routine and I have yet to really hit my stride or feel comfortable with everything.  To go from having a roommate or office mate to talk to every day to being in a new office environment and having the apartment to myself is weird.  Yes, I have friends and family that I talk to/text with almost every day but everything I've surrounded myself with the past three years changed.  I might also add that I have only been to NP once since June PR day because of all of this.  I can't bring myself to get up for the 5:28 AM Wednesday workouts and since I have to be in by 8:30 AM, I can't go to the usual 6:28 AM workout.  So needless to say, I'm in a really weird place.

Zara Lace Midi Dress (old but linked to more lace dresses below), Banana Republic Black Pointed Toe Pumps (similar here and my new favorite suede pointed-toe pumps here), GiGi New York Uber Clutch (c/o)

Anyone else experience this or have suggestions or thoughts for getting through it?  Would love to hear!

Note on the dress - it's old from Zara but I've linked to a bunch of pretty lace ones below!  I think Bloomingdales and ASOS have the best selection right now - enjoy!:

Photos by Lisa Schiller
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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Right... First Day [of Work]




If you know me personally or follow me on Snap or Insta, you've probably figured out by now that I have a new job.  I am so beyond excited to start this new chapter that I could just jump and yell and scream and sing butttt instead I'm taking a deep breathe and getting ready for a what's sure to be a wild ride.  Today is the first day at said job and while I'm excited I'm slightly terrified.  But terrified in the best way possible (I once read an article about a really successful person and they said fear is what fueled them so a little bit of fear in new adventures is definitely a good thing).  I'll get into the nitty gritty as to why I'm terrified and how this whole job came about soon but all I know is I'm so ready for this change.  

I'm taking this as an opportunity to start fresh, create a new routine and really reset things.  Not that I've done anything seriously wrong in my last role or life but the 60-70 hour work weeks, not being able to workout regularly or eat right have really taken a toll on me.  I know there's hard work and working long hours to get things done sometimes but my last job is a little too stressful at times.  It wasn't all for naught because I learned a tremendous amount and it helped me forge the connections I needed for this newest endeavor.  And let's just say I'm ready to really start living this life I've built in the city.

And first things first, I'm taking control of my workout routine and my finances.  After reading all the Refinery29 money/personal finance articles this year, I decided to purchase a Stash Wealth plan to really start setting myself up for future goals.  I was so excited when I got the email that my plan was ready - so now it's time to implement it!

I'm also excited to announce I'm working on a mini career series to talk about my experiences through the job search process, give interview tips and also talk about transitioning your wardrobe for a new job.  Stay tuned and I hope you'll come on this ride with me!

Chic Wish Lace Crop Top (similar here), Banana Republic Fluted Skirt (similar here and here), C.Wonder Leopard Espadrilles (similar here), GiGi New York Crossbody (c/o)

PS - no, this not what I'm actually wearing to work today - the skirt is a little too short for the new office environment ;).  Head to Insta to see the real outfit!

Get the Look:

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Friday, June 17, 2016

The Right... Summer Party Dress






Oh 10 year high school reunions.  At 10 years everyone has been out of high school long enough to possibly get married, start a family, travel the world, go to grad school, get an amazing job, switch jobs, move to numerous new cities (or stay in your hometown), stay friends with people from high school, not talk to anyone from high school... The list goes on.  This past weekend I had my 10 year high school reunion and it was awesome.  Some people I know have dreaded their reunions but I was genuinely excited to go and see everyone.  I planned it with one of my best friends from high school (because yes, I was senior class president, which apparently is coming as no surprise to those who know me) and it was an absolute blast.  We rented out Cargo at the Whitney Peak Hotel (possibly the coolest concert venue in Reno) and we had so much fun that we kept the party going past the planned 2 hours.  I am so lucky that a lot of my class was really close during school and that many have stayed friends even after school and everyone was generally excited to be there.  

10 Crosby Derek Lam Dress, LOFT On Duty Blazer, Nine West Heels (similar here), Gigi New York Crossbody

Now on to the more exciting part - the outfit!  I debated for the longest time what to wear.  I really wanted to buy a new dress but I really wanted to buy a dress I could wear to the reunion and two weddings but when I couldn't find one to go for all three occasions I decided to shop my own closet and wear this guy!  I picked it up during my shopping trip to the Tanger Outlets and I've been in love ever since.  The asymmetrical hem is by far my favorite part.

Shop some favorite asymmetric hem and black and white dresses below: 

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Right... Double Duty Jumpsuit



Tobi Culotte Jumpsuit (c/o - similar here and here), Chicwish Black Lace Crop Top (similar here), Banana Republic Pointed Toe Pumps (similar here and here), Dagne Dover Tote (c/o - similar here)
Let's be honest with each other for a minute, shall we?

Tis the season (and age) for weddings and while I love all my friends getting married and am looking forward to spending their special day with them, I don't love the toll its taken on my wallet.  Combine that with my love for travel and races and eating out at all the amazing restaurants in this city, and that leaves zero extra dollars for shopping.  Which is quite depressing sometimes.  It's also makes for a fun challenge to really shop my own closet and re-work items.  I was dying to wear this jumpsuit to work and while I didn't feel comfortable just throwing a cardigan or jacket on over it (the cut outs in the front cut it close to being inappropriate), I found a great solution to layer tops over it and I love the result.  This combo still works for the creative world I work in but if you were in a more conservative office environment you could definitely layer a button up over it and tie it at the bottom. Would love to know what you'd pair this week and your strategy for those times you really can't spend extra money!

Get the look here:

Photos by Megan Zietz

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