Friday, November 7, 2014

Fitness Friday: Marathon Prep

Hello friends!  I feel like it's been a while!  Sorry for being completely MIA this past week, between work being busy and running the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon I kinda had to take a little break from this corner of the internet.  I'm happy to report I finished the race, and while it was definitely not my best time ever (5:51:10) I feel great now (despite my knee pain almost the entire time).  My mantra was to "enjoy the journey" and I definitely did.  It's definitely a little weird not having to plan my weekend around running!
So.  Have you ever wondered what to pack for the start line and the race? 
Here's my list and I definitely want to hear if you use any of these things yourself!  Oh and keep in mind, my race conditions were 42* with wind gusts of 25-30 MPH in some spots!
Clothing (remember, try to avoid wearing anything new - ideally you'll wear your long run outfit.  After your long run, wash everything and fold it up until race day):
Compression bottoms (I went with these CW-X capris but compression is great for your muscles while running.  If you go with shorts, you may want to wear compression calf sleeves if it'll be cold)
Race shirt (usually a tighter fitting top because you don't want anything to rub - I went with a dri fit, fitted tank)
Sports Bra
Injury needs 
Garmin/Running Watch/iPhone Holder (if you run with one)
Fuel belt
And if needed: throw away gloves/sunglasses/sweaty band/hat/neck warmer (again, climate is key here)
Oh and don't forget any Good Luck charms!


During the Race Needs (again, nothing new on race day! Don't bring fuel you didn't train with):
Race Nutrition (Gu’s, Chomps, electrolyte water ETC.)
Cell Phone
2 travel sized baby wipes
Money/License/Metro Card
Advil/Pain relievers
And girly stuff if needed

And ta-da!  My race day outfit (I last minute threw a black dri fit shirt under my tank because of the wind):

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