Monday, November 10, 2014

The Right... Fall Riding Boots




Ok, it's official.  I've finally surfaced from my big work event, marathon cloud and am finally feeling human again.  And kind of with it.  But only kinda.  Because now I can finally get excited about my next big adventure: E-U-R-O-P-E!!!!!!!!  I've kept the trip a little hush by accident because I've just been so busy with everything else I couldn't really focus on it.  But I head off to Paris, Florence and Milan next Thursday and I'll be gone for 9 days!  Any suggestions are welcome, I'm working on finalizing my lists now!
In today's post I wanted to share two of my latest can't live without items for fall: the perfect wide-calf riding boots and this blanket scarf.  First the boots - I know I've preached to you about how wide my calves are but it really was getting to be an issue when finding boots.  Then during all the David Bromstad for Naturalizer excitement, I was browsing the site and realized they offer wide calf in almost all of their boots.  When I had the chance to test drive them, I instantly fell in love.  The leather is gorgeous, they are beyond comfortable and they fit amazing (you can't really tell they are wide calf unlike some other wide calf boots I've found).  Second, this blanket scarf.  I stumbled upon this poncho/scarf at Uniqlo when searching for some ultra light weight down for morning workouts (blue vest pictured) and for a mere $20, I found the one thing I literally can't stop wearing.  At the office, on the weekends, at home.  Everywhere.  It's so soft and cozy and extremely versatile.  There's a good possibility both will make it into my suitcase for Europe...
Uniqlo Blanket Scarf/Poncho, Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest, J. Crew Chambray Dress (similar here), Naturalizer Riding Boots (c/o)
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Photos: Jen Dang

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  1. Wow! Very lovely shoes. I like it and would like to buy this one. Also I was looking for boots on shoppersfeed, they had a huge variety of women shoes.


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