Friday, October 24, 2014

Fitness Friday: Marathon Training Check In

Happy Friday everyone!  I have to admit, I've been very spoiled at work - prior to this week I hadn't worked a normal/full week at my job since the middle of August [insert guilty face emoji here].  As awesome as it was it was kind of a wake up call this week!  I definitely had multiple cups of coffee days (that was probably due to the weather too - it was verrrry rainy this week).

I wanted to check in with you and get a little status update on my marathon training.  And also, talk about being really real with you guys.  Today's outfit is nothing special at all - I'm sure you're thinking a trench, leggings and sunnies?  What?  Well I have to admit, I've been living in these sneakers because I will not risk hurting my feet/legs by wearing heels and most of the time on the weekends lately I've been running around in my workout gear because when you're in pain most of the time comfort really does become key.  Also I feel like I'm not being completely honest with you if I didn't show you my dressed down side once in a while.
Luckily my PT is amazing and I'm on the mend from my little IT band injury (after 2 sessions a week for the last couple of weeks) and I'm bound and determined to finish this marathon.  And make it a great race.  I had a lot of doubts but I completed 17 miles last weekend (12 running, 5 quick walking) and it really gave me  a mental boost.  And on race day, it's honestly about 80% mental.  I'm definitely starting to feel a little overwhlemed because I realized this is the largest race I've ever run (I think NWM was only like 15,000 runners).  In the end though, I'm just going to focus on the journey and enjoy myself.  I keep visualizing my November Project peeps waiting for me at the #mile14 takeover (they're working the water station!) and my friends waiting for me at the end.  They've been nothing short of supportive and they can't even begin to understand how much it's meant for me to constantly yap about the race and running and my injury and blah, blah, blah.
H&M Trench Coat (similar here), Fabletics Leggings (similar here), Under Armour Shoes (c/o), Old Navy Bucket Bag (similar here), Amazon Sunnies
So here goes - I'll check in with you either next week or the week after to let you know how it went!
Photos: Jackie Giardina
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