Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Window Shopping Wednesday: Back to Basics

Sometimes you just need to go back to the basics and build your wardrobe from the ground up.  Lately I've realized I'm missing a couple of these basics or that they need to be replaced and upgraded a little.  I'm definitely missing a good skinny black dress pant and believe it or not I lost my grey cardigan a while ago which created a huge hole.  As we approach the fall months cardigans are definitely a key layering piece!  Oh and ballet flats are definitely a must - I've been really drawn to red lately and they create a great pop of color in an outfit!

And I think it may be time to upgrade my trench coat - I've had it for about 8 years now (crazy, I know!) - and it's definitely feeling a little smaller lately.

What's on your list for basics?  Have you discovered you're missing anything as of late?

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