Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Window Shopping Wednesday: Umbrella Style

I think it's safe to say we've had too much a lot of rain in NYC lately.  Not gonna lie... I'm kind of over it!  I just want sunshine!  There's a little story with the theme of today's post.  I purchased my first umbrella in NYC when I moved here last August.  I remember being so upset that I spent $15 on it but it was a situation where if I didn't get an umbrella right then and there I'd either get caught in the rain or have to duck for shelter for who knows how long.  I managed to keep that umbrella until last week when I accidentally left it at a work HH.  Of course when I called the next day, they didn't have it.  Le sigh.  My faithful, trusty black umbrella was gone.  Then I realized, I could upgrade my umbrella situation!  Cue scouring the internet for cute umbrellas (see below). 

I ended up buying a leopard print umbrella at TJ Maxx instead of ordering one but who knows, maybe when that one needs to be replaced I'll buy one of these guys:

 photo umbrellafavorites_zpsffe6d32a.jpg
Left side: Marc Jacobs, Let It Rain, Felix Rey, Totes
Right side: Bloomingdales, Kate Spade, Hunter

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