Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Window Shopping Wednesday: Tropical Getaway

I definitely saw a trend on instagram over the weekend - I think 75% of the people I follow were away on a tropical getaway.  And it definitely left me with some pangs of jealousy but also some inspiration for today's post.  I was especially inspired by Julia's visit to Cuixmala Mexico so I'm sharing a couple of things I'd pack for a trip to this resort:
vacation insp
1-MIA Wedges, 2-Tildon Floppy Hat, 3-ASOS One Piece, 4-LOFT Lace Top, 5-Forever21 White Dress, 6-1. State Dress, 7-Maggy London Wrap Dress, 8-ASOS Floral Bikini, 9-ASOS Mesh Bikini Bottom, 10-Topshop Gladiator Sandals, 11-Topshop Lace Shorts, 12-Anthropologie Floral Bikini

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