Monday, October 28, 2013

Fancy Tourist

Happy Monday!!  I can't even tell you how great of a weekend I had - I hosted Katie and Shelby at my apartment and we had the best time venturing around the city and just relaxing and doing the "local" thing.  I love when friends come and want to do the local thing because I feel like it gives me the ability to show off reasons why I love this city.  And they are just the sweetest girls. 

I met a couple of other bloggers that were in town for Lucky FABB and we all had such a blast.  Stay tuned for more on our adventures and also exciting news involving Katie & Shelby over the next couple of weeks!!

If you saw my post on Friday you know we toured around St. Louis during our trip and I wanted to share my touristy outfit with you.  I took it up a notch with the embellished sweater but couldn't have been comfier running around the city in this outfit.

 photo stltouroutfit1_zps4330dbf2.jpg

 photo stltouroutfit3_zps0cc514dd.jpg

 photo stltouroutfit4_zpsd1bb1699.jpg

 photo stltouroutfit2_zps6aa2d4a6.jpg

Shop to it!

Photos: Jackie Giardina
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