Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Leopard

Experienced my first real snow in NYC this past weekend!  Talk about excited!  All that dealing with the cold weather paid off (I guess).  I wore this outfit to work earlier in the week but don't be fooled - I definitely commuted to the office in (dare I say it) Uggs and changed into heels once I was there.  I know, I know, I haven't worn my Uggs outside in yearrrsssss.  Like not since my Pink sweatpants in college days!  Don't pretend like you didn't do the whole "Uggs tucked into Pink sweatpants to school" look ;). 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

 photo SnowLeopard3_zps7d5e8973.jpg
Coat: SheInside (similar here and here), Sweater: Gap (similar here), Pants: LOFT (save here and splurge here), Shoes: Vince Camuto (I would buy this pair too!), Faux Fur: H&M (snood version here), Ear Muffs: rando street vendor (but these muffs are great too), Gloves: Target, Purse: vintage Dooney & Bourke

 photo SnowLeopard2_zps0bc00673.jpg

 photo SnowLeopard5_zpse4806993.jpg

 photo SnowLeopard1_zps37d9f5e4.jpg

 photo SnowLeopard4_zps2e3cec94.jpg

 photo SnowLeopard6_zpsffaa511b.jpg

 photo SnowLeopard7_zps0110c2f6.jpg

Thanks for taking my pics Jen!!

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  1. Uggs are a must for walking in the snow- not pretty but warm and practical!

    1. Haha no, not very pretty at all! I love my knitted pair but that's pushing it on the cute factor lol. Thanks for reading Nat!

  2. Haha, don't be fooled by the shoes that I got...anyways I rocked my PINK sweatpants tucked into UGGS yesterday to go and get the mail haha. WHAT. This look is ridiculously cute; need some leopard pants for spring but you made them look chic for winter!

    1. Hahahaha. Yes, that was definitely a look from college I haven't rocked in a while!

  3. Haha I totally understand rocking the Uggs - your ankles look cold!! :)

    The Blue Hour

    1. Thanks for reading Jamie! I can't even describe how cold it really was that day! My eyes were watering because the breeze was so nippy haha

  4. this is a gorgeous look! i adore your pants.
    newest follower. :)
    kw, ladies in navy

    1. Thank you so much!! Glad to have you!! I hope I can provide some inspiration for you :))


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