Monday, August 20, 2012

First Post from NYC

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was busy busy - really nice for my first weekend in the city!  I may be on a little hiatus still because I'm doing the whole apartment and job hunt (at the same time, ugh!) but going to try to get some outfit posts in soon! 

The first couple of days/weekend in the city consisted of visiting the High Line, going out in the West Village, attending the Evian Wood Racquet Club (supporting the Refinery 29 team!), going to brunch and doing some shopping (of course!).  Btw.  My feet are torn up.  I am definitely not used to walking this much, which is why I picked up the foldable flats while shopping in LES.

The High Line

Outfit Friday Night
Shirt: J.Crew, Pants: Gap, Shoes: Me Too, Clutch: BCBG, Watch: Fossil

Cute neighborhood in Queens (where the tennis match was) 

Evian Wood Racquet Cup

Screen Printing Station

Finished Product + Pimms Cup

Go Team R29!

Rooftop City Views

New flats to save my feet!
Yosi Samra

All in all a great weekend, and tomorrow is onto the job/apartment hunt again!

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  1. Good choice on those shoes; cute and practical for pounding the pavement! The tennis club is so cute too!

  2. Love the blog!


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