Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Thing...

So I've officially arrived in NYC!  Everyone kept asking me, "What's the first thing you want to do when you get to New York?"  My response "well, I'd really like to have had a job interview set up." but that's still in the works so it had me thinking...  What do I want to do??  I know that I really want to check out the High Line and walk the Brooklyn Bridge and do some shopping and eat macaroons from Laduree but in all reality I'll probably spend the day at a coffee shop putting in job apps :).  Responsibility is of the utmost importance here - I'm not on vacation anymore!  However...  If I were to maybe squeeze in some shopping on my first day (I have been on a spending freeze for the past 6ish weeks), I'd really like to buy the following:

A simple black blazer (my other one was just worn out and didn't fit right!)


And some new black pumps (both of my other pairs were really really worn out - no bueno for NYC!)

Vince Camuto
And who knows, maybe I'll finally make it to check out the fab and affordable Joe Fresh (I've only been dying over this store since my post about it in November)!

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