Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Right... Summer Work Uniform



Club Monaco Drop Waist Dress, Report Signature Leopard Pumps, 3.1 Philip Lim Bag, Max & Chloe Necklace

Ahhh summer in the city.  There's nothing quite like it, especially when it comes to getting dressed.  Getting dressed to go work in a professional environment in a city with crazy humidity spells can be challenging.  And especially challenging for a girl who grew up around dry heat and still isn't used to humidity (I will always be convinced that dry heat is more bearable).  Most work days I want the least amount of clothing touching my skin as possible but considering a bra and underwear don't really fly in the office, an easy breezy dress is the next best thing.  I was pumped when I snagged this guy at Club Monaco during their last big sale. I knew it'd be on heavy rotation and I haven't been wrong.
What does your summer wardrobe look like?
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Photos: Jen Dang

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  1. ooh, love this cute drop-waist LBD. hope all is well with you :)


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