Monday, January 6, 2014

TheRightShoes Takes on Enterprise Car Share

Hola!  How's your 2014 going?  I know mine's off to a (kind of) slow start.  Or should I say cold start?  The weather was miz this weekend and basically had me snuggled in bed watching Netflix and only leaving for the gym and grocery store.  Oh and a little shopping excursion with Jen!  I was approached by Enterprise to tell you all about their new Car Share program and I even got to test it out with a little shopping trip (they sure know the way to my heart!).  Enterprise Car Share is a really convenient way to access the convenience of a car while living in a hustling bustling city.  As I'm sure you know, owning a car in New York is expensive when you consider the cost of loan or lease payments, insurance premiums, parking and gas. While I just sold my car at home this was a great opportunity for me to still have the option of having a car when mass transit is limited.  Basically you can reserve a car 24/7 and for short or long periods of time with a rate that includes gas and insurance. Car sharing makes running errands so much easier!

Enterprise is giving away a 1 year membership and a welcome kit (t-shirt, messenger bag and hat) to one of my readers!  It's super easy to enter (just 5 simple steps actually!) and they have a ton of locations around the country so this giveaway is open to more than just NYC readers!  Just head down to the form below.  And on the way you can see some snaps from mine and Jen's fashionable adventure to Nordstrom Garden State Plaza and Ikea!

 I just couldn't resist the little red mini near my apartment!  Beep Beep!
 Let's play "What's in the Nordstrom bag?" - any guesses?  Stay tuned for the big reveal (it's a good one, I promise!)

 Safe and sound back in the city.  Driving around wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be!

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Bottom photo: Jen Dang 

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