Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leopard with a Side of Camel

Happy Hump day ya'll!  I was recently reminded that this year is almost over.  Gasp - I know, it's gone by wayyyyyy to fast.  Thinking back to this time last year I was working TWO retail jobs and interning while greatly anticipating heading home for the holidays (at that point I hadn't been away from home for longer than about 14 days in my life).  I'm still highly anticipating my trip home for the holidays but finding myself ever grateful for my one, really good job.  While it can be crazy busy at times, it's still just one job (not three).  Ah, the things we do to make it in this city!

Anyway, on to the good stuff.  Ya'll have heard of a brand call Dr. Scholl's right?  You know those "old people" white sneaks you find in Walmart, Payless, etc.?  Well they have totally reinvented themselves and added a line of super stylish footwear to their brand for men and women and today I'm showing you just how stylish they really are.  Head over to their website to see their other styles and try to believe me when I tell you these are actually Dr. Scholl's on my feet.

Coat: Gap (only sold in stores, other camel peacoats here and here), Blouse: Nordstrom Rack, Pants: LOFT (similar), Shoes: c/o Dr. Scholl's, Belt: J.Crew

Photos: Jen Dang

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  1. Love everything about this outfit...and can't believe those cute booties are Dr. Scholl's! Definitely checking out their new arrivals.


  2. Love love those pants... and the coat... and I am super impressed with the Dr. Scholl's booties. Adorable! Such a cute look!



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