Thursday, May 31, 2012

#StyleMeMay 2 for 1

Can you believe today is the last day of May?  I'm having a hard time with it!  Not sure why - I guess it just seems like it was yesterday I was in NYC at Fashion Week and then starting #StyleMeMarch.  I want to take a minute and thank everyone that reads this little guy.  It means the world to me - that I can share my passion with you all. 

For today's post I have a little story.  I actually wore this yesterday for #StyleMeMay: Fancy.  It's been quite a while since I've worn this sequin top because it feels very fall/winter to me and with no luck of finding a summer sequin top I decided I had to find a way to make it work and not feel like December.  Enter my new fuscia skirt (thank you Nordstrom semi-annual sale!) and voila!  We are getting there.  Then I realized I had my gingham shirt hanging at the front of my closet and thought, "well, maybe we can treat this sequin top like a sweater and layer it..."  And here is the final product.  It amazes me that some mornings I'll put on very normal things and will think I look weird but in the case I put on this completely off the wall look (or maybe it's not?) and became absolutely obsessed with it. 

And why is the title of this post "#StyleMeMay 2 for 1"?  Well, today's #StyleMeMay just so happens to be "never paired together."  Because I haven't ever paired together a sequin top, gingham button up and fuscia skirt (or at least not since I can remember, but there were those dress up days as a little girl...).

Sequin Shirt: J.Crew (similar here), Gingham Shirt: J.Crew (similar here), Skirt: Halogen, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Bracelets: Bauble Bar and Juicy Couture

Btw, I was really disappointed by the lack of comments I received today - not because I was fishing for them but because I thought this was a little outrageous and I figured everyone at my office would have a field day with it.  Not the case however...

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  1. I love the pairing of the sequins. Great look!


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