Friday, April 6, 2012

TGIF/Week In Review

As this post goes live, I'm [hopefully] sleeping peacefully in my bed.  Yes, you read that right, we get today off for Good Friday!  I'm not religious but I respect this holiday and appreciate the fact that the stock market is closed and therefore we are closed.
So how was your week?  This was a short week, next week is a short week and the week after that is vacation time! Woo!

This just about sums up my week:
Was anyone April Fool'd?  My boss tried but failed (well, there was one person in the office he got!), he brought in a little "perfum" bottle full of this weird sulfur smelling stuff and kept opening it during our office meeting on Monday.  The guy next to me kept thinking someone was farting but he was the only one that smelled it.  Later we found out what my boss was up to.  Pretty comical!

I recently purchased a lovely Michael Kors military jacket.  I'm practicing quality over quantity (while it's tough, I'm happy with myself!).  I think sometimes I have a sixth sense when it comes to shopping.  I tend to decide I want something, zero in on a store, go there and find they have it.  It's weird...
And on Pinterest this week I found this really cool cuff:
I might have to get this considering I've got a lot of country in me and my boyfriend thought it was pretty cool.  <- That last part is an added bonus!

Also, I've decided to grow out my bangs... They just weren't working for me.  [I hate my bangs...]

And I'm spending my day off shopping for my trip and deep cleaning my room.  I'll report on the shopping trip in a later post because I am on a mission!

Happy Friday!  I hope you all have a glorious weekend!!

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