Sunday, February 26, 2012

TRS: DIY Rope Knot Necklace

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  While everyone is enjoying the Oscars, here's a little weekend DIY I did! 

I was bored at work on Friday and came across The Fashion Clackers and their post on the knot necklace and oh em gee I fell in love so fast!  I counted down the hours until I got off to run to the craft store for supplies.  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you already saw this little preview:

Here's the how to:

Supplies: rope color of your choice (about 2 yards), matching ribbon, hot glue gun, jewelry clamps, jewelry clips (I used a lobster clip) - not shown: I had to purchase the same rope (again about 2 yards) but in a much smaller version to finish the necklace because the large rope was just too bulky

I measured about 16 inches of rope, loop them around twice and glue the ends together

Take a short piece of ribbon, and glue the two loops together, covering the seam

Repeat the loop/ribbon gluing three times

Loop another piece of rope to connect the three loops (see this video for exact directions)

Glue the ends of the fourth loop together

Take a the smaller rope and cut into two pieces, loop around the outer rings and measure where you want it to fall on your neck

Add the two smaller rope loops around the ribbon (I think it frames it pretty nicely)

Tape off the ends, trim to same length and add jewelry finishing clamps and lobster hooks
Stay tuned for the complete finished project styled tomorrow!  I love this necklace so much and got so many compliments on it (even from guys, haha) that I think I'm going to make another in black and possibly white. 

P.S.  I've still got a couple more posts on NYC - the absolute highlight of my trip - but I just couldn't resist sharing this, so stay tuned for those too!

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