Thursday, March 1, 2012

Late Night OOTD

Don't worry, the title doesn't suggest I took these photos late at night (although before editing they were pretty dark...).   What it does mean is that I wasn't planning on doing my next post until Friday, but here we are, late Wednesday night on a leap day.  I had a pretty exciting day.  I snagged a new necklace from BaubleBar (and with it will come a Leap Day surprise!!!) and I learned about Hilary Rushford's #StyleMeMarch list.  Btw, the first day of March is tomorrowTOMORROW!  I know!  It's crazy! 

But, since the first day of March is tomorrow and I just learned of this glorious #StyleMeMarch list, here is my late night ootd... 

Shirt: Lands End, Vest: Forever 21, Skirt: Marshall's, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman, Jewelry: Juicy Couture, Skagen

This is my first maxi skirt and I have to say I loooove it!  Also, can I point out that this button up is actually a logo'd work shirt?  I love the color and I wanted to wear it but didn't really feel like repping the Co. in this post haha.

Oh and speaking of BaubleBar, here is the #buriedbauble I snagged a couple of weeks ago!  What are #buriedbaubles? BaubleBar secretly marks down one item to $10 and sends out an e-mail every Friday with a clue.  Want to get your own #buriedbaubles?  Use this link to sign up!  It's so much fun!

P.S.  Mother Nature decided she wanted to give us snow finally, and I've been waking up to fresh snow almost every morning this week!


  1. you look lovely! great outfit. xx

    1. Thank you so much! Really enjoyed your blog as well!

  2. I really love this vest!!! Can't wait to see more of your Style Me March pics.


    1. Thank you so much! I am loving this Style Me March stuff! Really enjoying your pictures as well :)


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