Friday, April 29, 2016

Fitness Friday:BK Half Training Update

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Today I want to talk about the roller coaster that is getting back into running and training for a long distance race.  I actually started writing this post on Monday and it started a little something like this...
"GUYS.  Sorry not sorry for the all caps that will be thrown in this post but HOLY MOLY I'm over the moon with my training right now!  Last weekend was my longest run since the 2014 NYC Marathon - I clocked in 7.6 miles and I have to be honest, I've been nervous as hell getting back into distance running because I'm so scared of injuring myself again. I've been battling little pains here and there (my calves are tighter than a knotted rope and it's been affecting my Achilles and tendons along my shins) but overall my mobility and hip work has been paying off big time.  I just have to re-focus on my strength training because I know that's something I tend to neglect and it's oh so important.  We're only 3 weeks out from the BK Half so here's to hoping all keeps going well."

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Fast forward to today and I have to admit I'm still hurting (I wore sneakers to work all week just to make sure I had good shoes on) and I'm supposed to tackle a 1 hour 20 minute run tomorrow.  So I'm a little nervous.  It's amazing how one day you have an amazing run and two days later it's crap.  I think running really teaches you to try to overcome difficulties and roll with the punches and sometimes it really is just a mental game but you do have to listen to your body. 
I'll be visiting my PT today so of course we'll chat about this and discuss a game plan but it sucks to think that Brooklyn may not happen and not because I can't physically do it but rather that I shouldn't do it.  It's how I hurt myself the last time and what I wanted to avoid this time.  Stay tuned on how this all pans out!
On to some positive things... I did my first Indoor Triathlon last weekend and it was really great!   Also my running best friend (RBF) Nina and I were featured in my friend Ali's write up about "Swole Mates"/workout buddies on Daily Burn!  Check it out here.  And here's a quick recap of my training/workouts this past week: 
4.23.16: 70 minute run (totaling 7.6 miles - my pace was crazy fast and not even on purpose... I just sorta found my groove!)
4.24.16: Indoor Triathlon (350M swim, 8.8 mile bike and 1.73 mile run)
4.25.16: SoulCycle with Nina
4.26.16: REST DAY (really needed this one!)
4.27.16: 20 minute run + NP Recovery Deck (leg workout!)
4.28.16: 40 minute run
4.29.16: 30 minute run + NP workout

I also realize I really need to get some strength training in so that'll be a new focus over the next couple of weeks (definitely mentioned that above - sorry for the repeat ;) ).  Thanks for stopping by - I hope you all have a great weekend!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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