Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Right... LWD




Ever go shopping and find that one item that feels like it was fate to find it?  This dress is the perfect example.  I was headed to the Zara sale and along the way spotted this girl next to me at a light in a really cute white dress.  I almost asked her where she got it but we parted ways too quickly.  Sure enough when I was poking around Zara I found the exact dress, only in my size, at a very good price.  It was perfectly meant to be!  Amazing how these things happen.


Also while we're on the subject of meant to be, it's funny how the universe can conveniently conspire against you.  Case in point, the tardiness of this post.  Issues with internet at the apartment (yes, internet issues again.  And no, I don't want to talk about it because I could rant for hoursssss about how badly Time Warner sucks) led to a very delayed post.  Oof.


Dress: Zara, Scarf: c/o Shawlsmith London, Shoes: Prabal Gurung x Target, Bag: Old Navy, Sunglasses: Amazon
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Photos: Jen Dang
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  1. Tracy, this is such a cute dress! Love the way you styled it!


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