Friday, April 27, 2012

TGIF/Week In Review

This week went by way too fast!  Usually I'm complaining because it was a long week but this week flew by.  Not really a good thing though because I didn't get nearly as caught up at work as I would have liked!  Oh well, time for the weekend!

You may or may not have noticed the blog got a new background this week!  I'm working on finalizing branding stuff so I can wrap up my media kit and get real business cards made (I had to do makeshift business cards back in Feb. because I realized I couldn't go to Blogger's Night Out without business cards - that would have just been silly!)! 
Exciting stuff!  (Btw, background compliments of Kinzie's Kreations, check out her blog!)

I recieved an e-mail yesterday letting me know I officially made it into this year's Nike Women's Marathon!  That's three years in a row!  I'm only doing the half this year though.
Check out some of last year's marathon here :).

Also, I had orientation for Kaia FIT which starts on Monday.  Lucky me I chose to start it off with their BRIK session (6 week, intensive exercies/dieting/detoxing) so I'll have to keep you posted on how that goes!

Plans for the weekend?  We are doing dinner with friends tonight, I'm catching up on the blog tomorrow (yes, I realize I only had one post this week and I still have to show you all my outfits/adventures!), date night tomorrow night (sushi and a movie!) and then Sunday I hope to get a run in/relax with the fam/prep for Kaia!

Hope you all have a great weekend - how did your week go?

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  1. I am training for a half marathon too, congrats on making it into the race again :)

    1. Thank you! Which race are you training for?!


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