Saturday, October 8, 2011

Casual Friday/Yesterday

I've been working on making my causal Fridays a little less casual than normal and a little dressier.  I work for a financial planning office and there have been a couple Fridays clients have come in and I feel like I look not-so-polished.  So I've made it my mission to make Fridays dressier and I've done that over the past couple of weeks by wearing things such as a black pencil skirt with a t-shirt or black pants with a casual top.  Yesterday I stuck with jeans but I went with my dark trouser jeans to feel a little dressier and also threw on some heels I bought a couple weeks ago.   Added a sweater and long sleeve shirt (because it was still chilly in the morning - oh and did I mention we have snow on the mountains?!) and here are the results:

Sweater: Ann Taylor, Shirt: Target, Bracelets: Forever 21/Thrifted, Jeans: Gap
Below: Scarf: gifted, Shoes: Wanted

(Sorry, you only get detail pictures until my tripod comes in or until I can rope a friend into taking some shots for me!)

Hope you all had a great Friday!  Cheers to the weekend!

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