Friday, September 2, 2016

Fitness Friday: NYC Marathon Update





The last time we did a Fitness Friday post I gave you all the deets on my first triathlon experience.  Since that post I started training for the New York City Marathon and I'm getting ready to wrap up week SEVEN of training.  I'm on the 16 week NYRR Virtual Trainer plan so the fact that I'm almost halfway there is just crazy talk.  But it's happening and I'm somehow just cruising right along.  I say somehow because if you've been following me long enough, you know I was working through a crazy ITBand injury from the 2014 NYC Marathon.  I just kinda limped along hoping it'd passively fix itself and it wasn't until February of this year that I decided to take control and overcome it.  Since then I've run the Brooklyn Half Marathon and completed my tri.  A few things I've done differently during this marathon training versus 2014: consistently warmed up and done dynamic stretches before (I can't stress how important that is if you sit at a desk most of the day), consistently gone to physical therapy (I swear my PT has turned into my actual therapist at this point), consistently done strength training (definitely once if not twice a week) and actively incorporated cross training to mix it up (SoulCycle has been my go-to for this!).

Also, can we talk about how AMAZING these shorts are?  They're Lululemon and have two side pockets (perfect for stashing my gummies, phone, keys and other essentials on a long run), they don't ride up and they're the perfect length.  If you're in the market for new running shorts I highly recommend them!


Running and training continues to amaze me because literally every run is different and sometimes I have bad days where I have pain, some days I'm sluggish and some days I pound out 4 miles at a 9 min/mile pace (fast for me considering I usually run a 9:45-10 min pace).  Will be sure to check in with you guys soon, in the meantime wish me luck on my 13 mile run this weekend...!

Photos by Lisa Schiller

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  1. omg...i feel like such a sloth! i vowed to keep going after the marathon (in 2014!!!!) and two years have managed to fly by! keep up the great work!!


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