Friday, May 20, 2016

Fitness Friday: Last Week of Brooklyn Half Training


Keeping it a little short and sweet today because this week has been a whirlwind!  The one week of all my training I'm supposed eat the best, get the most sleep, hydrate the most and instead my work and personal schedule was SO hectic it was quite the opposite.  I think by the time I sat down at my desk Wednesday morning I had been in the office a total of 9 hours between Monday and Tuesday.  Thank goodness for my RBF for helping me get my bib and reminding me to hydrate (although I went into a slight panic when I saw a chat from her on Tuesday afternoon reminding me to hydrate because, well, I just hadn't had much water at that point).  
Here's how the week went training wise:
Monday 4.16.16 - 4 mile run
Tuesday 4.17.16 - SoulCycle class
Wednesday 4.18.16 - Rest day
Thursday 4.19.16 - Rest day & PT visit!
Friday 4.20.16 - 2.2 mile shake out
Running Collage
Speaking of a shakeout run, I have to admit I've never done one before.  I usually don't run the day before a big race because I usually want to be sure to save my legs but this week I really wanted to get a second run in so I'm really interested in seeing how the race goes since I did this.  I know people who swear by it so we'll see!

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