Friday, April 15, 2016

Fitness Friday: Training Update


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Happy Fitness Friday friends!  First a little story/training update and then the good stuff - a giveaway!  You know when you finally pick up momentum to get back to the gym or back to a workout routine, all is going great for a while and then BAM, something happens and you're set back?  That definitely happened to me within the last two weeks.  I had a cold/allergy combo from hell and I was so upset my training got derailed.  Also we had a ridiculous cold snap in NYC and it left me snugging in bed each morning instead of hitting the pavement or the gym.  I think I finally got back to it the last weekend so here's a quick recap of where we left off last week:

4.3.16: Rest day!  Oh so important and this one was oh so necessary
4.4.16 & 4.5.16: Days off because of stupid cold/allergies 
4.6.16: 30 min run on the treadmill because it was still too cold to run outside
4.7.16 & 4.8.16: More days off because #JuryDuty and cold/allergies
4.9.16: Double day - 35 minute run to SoulCycle & my favorite Saturday SoulCycle class with Joey
4.10.16: Long run in the form of 20 minute run to Central Park and 40 minute 4-mile race (and at this point I'm def feeling that run/Soul combo and the 6 miles I tacked on this morning) 
4.11.16: Yoga.  Much needed stretching time - I used this Yoga for Runner's YouTube video
4.13.16: 20 minute run + NP recovery deck/strength training
4.14.16: Visit to the Physical Therapist and he WERK'D me
4.15.16: crazy busy week so taking the day off to recover for another 60 minute run tomorrow
Check back in next week for an exciting announcement in next week's Fitness Friday!
Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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