Monday, February 22, 2016

The Right... Workout Buddy



Confession time: I don't use gadgets (other than my phone) to track fitness or daily activity.  I've never owned a Fitbit or a Garmin (crazy, I know since I've done three marathons and countless other races but yes, I always just run with my phone and it doesn't bother me) and I'm definitely not one to run out and buy the latest tech gadget.  One day I randomly purchased a heart rate monitor from a gym I frequented because they used them for their classes.  I figured it couldn't hurt to just have one but I never really used it (and I even forgot it many times when I went to said gym).  Then when I met the guys from True Communications and they showed me the Wahoo Tickr X (the upgraded and fancy version of the one I originally purchased) and all of it's features, I fell in love.  
They sent one over for me to test out and it took me a bit to remember to use it but once I started, I was hooked.  I love that it has an offline/sync mode so you don't have to carry your phone and I'm obsessed with the stats (not to get crazy about calories burned but just to have a comparison between different workout types and different days at the gym).  It analyzes your running smoothness and cadence and works with third party iPhone apps.  It's really simple to use and their website is a wealth of information as well.  I've also recently set up the Burn and Burst numbers to really get the most from my training and workouts and it's been so cool to analyze the stats.  
I highly recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor if you're an athlete or in any way interested in really measuring your fitness efforts and if you can afford it, the Tickr X is the way to go.

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This post was in collaboration with True Communications.  As always, all opinions are my own.   

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