Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Right... Travel Companion

Back in September I jetted off to Utah for my first ever trail race.  If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (rightshoesblog) you'll notice I've been doing a bunch of races this year.  I'm working on the 9+1 NYRR challenge for automatic entry into the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon (complete 9 races and volunteer for 1 and you're in!).  The race in Utah, however, was for the North Face Endurance Challenge and damn, was it a true challenge.  I did a marathon relay with some of my fitness girlfriends so in total we each ran a 10k (6.2 miles).  And it was rough - the heat (yes it was warm - an amazing 87*!), the elevation and the dry air seriously effected me which I was not expecting.  The climb was intense and on the first downhill I tripped over a rock and fell onto another rock (it took forever to get over that ridiculously large purple/black bruise...) and by the end I just wanted it to be over because everything hurt and I was extremely nauseous.  
On the bright side though, it was hands down one of the most beautiful races I have ever run.  The trees were turning a beautiful golden yellow and orange and it was so peaceful and the views were insane.  I'm so glad I challenged myself with this race and I think I'd definitely do another trail run in the future (maybe in a little less higher elevation though!). 
Growing up on the West Coast and in the mountains I never understood "dry" heat or cold but after living on the East Coast for over three years I quickly shrivel up like a raisin as soon as I hit the "dry" air out West.  Whether its traveling on a plane or just being in the element it gets pretty bad.  And Utah was particularly bad.  Luckily, my Evian facial spray arrived just in time for my trip so I tucked the travel size can in my bag and was on my way.  Mid flight (it was about 4.5 hours to Salt Lake City) I hit the restroom, spritzed the face and avoided a complete skin catastrophe when we de-planed.  I think I used the spray at least once a day for the rest of the trip!  

I highly recommend picking up a bottle for yourself (especially if you're a frequent traveler) because it's probably the best travel companion I've found!  I also used it a ton when I went home for an impromptu visit in October because it's seriously a skin savior. 
IMG_0043 (2)
Would love to know - what's in your travel bag?  What are you essentials?

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