Friday, February 20, 2015

Fitness Friday: The Routine and Favorites

"Beauty isn't a way you look.  It's a way you feel."
Today I want to share my favorite workouts with you! To preface this whole post this is in no way shape or form an ad for ClassPass, it just so happens that I think ClassPass is one of the best things to happen to my fitness life since sliced bread (next to November Project of course but I love each of these fitness things for different reasons). 
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  My favorite workouts are spin (has always been a fave), barre class and HIIT classes. Because I live in such an expensive city and work a fairy normal income job it's hard to be able to afford all the amazing boutique studios outside of my normal monthly gym costs. That is until I discovered ClassPass last May and then my fitness world started to change. I hopped onto their "unlimited summer" and knocked out 18 classes before I went home on June 20th. I always knew I liked spin but I was so excited to finally try barre classes and all the other amazing classes they have. 
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  I've since become a huge fan of barre and HIIT classes. I love how barre hits all the muscles you didn't know you had and with every HIIT class I take I find myself extremely sore for days after (they are always different which is what your muscles need!).  I've also gotten to try classes like boxing, rowing and I hope to try a ballet class pretty soon too!  Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for a breakdown of my must-wear outfits and favorite studios!
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What are you favorite types of workouts?

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