Friday, July 18, 2014

Sale Find Friday: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Alright ya'll, it's time for the much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!  Cue the mini happy dance - I love me a good sale (especially Nordstrom) so it's game.on.  I'm sure this is not the first post you've seen about the sale but I'm excited to share my strategy for shopping the sale, including some key fall fashion trends to stock up on now! So grab some iced coffee and let's dive in, shall we?  

First, some key fall trends.  Prints are still huge but think of these in terms of "fall" colors (burgundy, emerald, hunter, red, navy, black, etc.), leather is still going to be a go-to piece, oh and cozy knits - you'll want to get those too.  Don't forget the embellishments and luxe fabrics.  Oh and last but not least the faux fur.

Oh and the shoes.  Boots and booties are still in and now's the time to scoop up those killer heels in a fall color.

Now, the strategy.  Things can get a little overwhelming and wreak havoc on your wallet if you don't strategize a little:
1.  I look at my current shopping list: I keep a running list on my iPhone of items I find myself wishing I had or discover are missing from my closet. 
In this case, I really need to replace my black leather pencil skirt that ripped earlier this year (I can't even talk about what a sad moment that was).
2.  I look check out my favorite designers and see what they have on sale.  Lately I've been really loving Halogen at Nordstrom because it's such a great price point.
3.  Seriously budget.  Figure out what you can definitely spend and then sort the categories from lowest to highest price and don't go over a certain price for that item.

Still with me?  Here's what I'm coveting (oh and most are less than $100!):

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