Friday, July 25, 2014

Photo Diary: Lake Days Pt. 1

Happy Friday friends!  While I usually don't take my nice camera on friend trips, it made its way into my bag when I packed for the Fourth of July weekend at Schroon Lake.  I'm definitely glad I brought it along because we busted it out and ended up getting a lot of really great pictures!  Actually almost too many pictures (is that a thing..?) because my Dropbox is beyond full.  We had such a good time though, I'm glad I was able to capture it.

Here are some shots and stay tuned for the rest of our day lounging on the dock!

The lake was fully equipped with the cutest general store (we definitely frequented it for beer runs!)

The perfect spot to sit and look out at the lake/sunset

I'm still kicking  myself for not napping on this hammock! 

We be drankin'... Watermelon...  But really - we did the whole vodka watermelon thing and I decided we should make slushies... It was probably the best/worst idea I've had in a while.  Right next to the "sangria" we mixed up - both were trouble!

By far my favorite picture from the whole trip

The lakehouse wouldn't have been complete without s'mores!

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