Monday, October 14, 2013

In the Details with Rungolee

During St. Louis Fashion Week I had the pleasure of attending a garden lunch party and presentation with Rungolee at the designer's amazing house.  Anjali has been designing clothing for about 7 years now and has taken inspiration for her current collection from her travels to Morroco, London and India.  All of her fabrics are from India and she just started designing her own fabrics this year.  We were able to peak inside her studio and I have to admit I was blown away by the attention to detail in all of her designs [hence the title of this post].  I love how you can tell she takes immense care in creating each piece for her collections.

Below are some of the details from the lunch, her studio and the interactive presentation.

 photo rungolee10_zps5b44b90e.jpg

 photo rungolee11_zps89a730ae.jpg

 photo rungolee12_zps093a543c.jpg

Inspiration board and the studio

 photo rungolee1_zps70fc415f.jpg

 photo rungolee3_zpsc4fcc39b.jpg

 photo rungolee4_zpsfde13ad7.jpg

 photo rungolee5_zps264c05be.jpg

An interactive presentation

 photo rungolee6_zps0bce3388.jpg

 photo rungolee7_zpsbd7cb7e4.jpg

 photo rungolee8_zpsaad06d02.jpg

 photo rungolee9_zpse549d243.jpg

Want to learn more about Rungolee?  Visit their new website to shop the latest collection - wanrning: your wallet may not be happy with you!  You can also find Rungolee on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  1. These tops look amazing! Such simple pieces with special accents. love that!


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