Friday, June 28, 2013

New Shades with Warby Parker

Ever thought you could shop for sunglasses from home?  And no, I don't mean using the "virtual try on" some websites offer.  I mean, actually getting a pair of sunglasses delivered to your door for you to try on?  Well it's possible!

The great people at Warby Parker have this amazing thing called the "home try on" where you pick out five pairs of sunglasses (or regular glasses) from the website, they mail them to you and you get five days to try them on and pick out a pair that you like!  It's pretty awesome.  Another great thing about the company is that for every pair of glasses purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need.  Oh and you have to watch the home try on video - it's hilarious! 

Check out the sunglasses I tried on below - which is your favorite?!

 photo warbyparkerjules_zps58b9d30e.jpg
Warby Parker Jules

 photo warbyparkerevelyn_zps7589e9db.jpg
Warby Parker Evelyn

 photo warbyparkerthatcher_zps484a5a42.jpg
Warby Parker Thatcher

 photo warbyparkerrobison_zpsf43ee4c2.jpg
Warby Parker Robinson

 photo warbyparkerwinston_zps1c203af5.jpg
Warby Parker Winston

The winners?  I really love the Jules, the Thatcher and the Robinson (I think I'd get a lighter frame color in the Robinson though - the black is a little stark!).  Have you done the "home try on" with Warby Parker?  If so, what did you think?

*Disclaimer: compensation was not provided for this post

Photos: Jen Dang
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  1. The Jules and Robinson are my fave!

  2. I love the black Robinsons! They look great with your red lip!



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