Monday, May 6, 2013

Apartment Style: City Living

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a fab weekend. I took a little trip to Washington DC and had such a good time. It was definitely the perfect recharge and so great to see old friends.

I'm hosting a Posh Party with Jackie Giardina tomorrow night so be sure to tune in! The theme is "Pretty, Flirty and Girly" - super fun!

While I'm sure you know, this blog is mostly based on fashion, I thought of something fun to share with you all today. Ever wondered what it's like to live in 70 sq. ft.? Well you're about to find out and you'll quickly see why I joke that I "live in a closet without a closet."
Take a peek into my little corner of my [maybe] 700 sq. ft. NYC apartment...

It's all in the details...
 photo apartment5_zps6c08ea34.jpg

 photo Apartment1_zps1e72370d.jpg

 photo apartment2_zpsda95a6ad.jpg

 photo apartment3_zps65d0cb63.jpg
Space-saving shoe storage...
 photo apartment6_zpsff59c152.jpg

My inspiration board...
 photo apartment4_zps772f8e40.jpg

Looking in...
 photo apartment7_zpsabb1c8f2.jpg

 photo apartment8_zps51c3251f.jpg

 photo apartment9_zps54a42d61.jpg

 photo apartment10_zps3ac2dca4.jpg

Drumroll.... The closet!
 photo apartment11_zps706347e5.jpg

My necklace storage...
 photo apartment12_zpsfc45b783.jpg

Skirts and bags...
 photo apartment13_zps4a8399f6.jpg

 photo apartment14_zpsa928bf64.jpg

My decor obsession: a mini-calfskin rug all the way from New Zealand...
 photo apartment15_zps4cb390b7.jpg

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  1. Obsessed with that rug!! I've been on the hunt for one like it for years, but I can't find the perfect one (I'm too picky). Love how you store your nail polishes and great idea with the shoes...since we downsized and I lost my shoe closet, I've been trying to figure out what to do with them all!


    Runway Chef

    1. Thanks lady! The shoe storage was alllll Pinterest - what would we do without that site?!

  2. Love this idea to share your living space! I live in a tiny space, too, and I love all of your little tricks!


    1. Thanks Kelsey! Definitely wanted to mix it up for you guys :)

  3. I think your space is so chic and who needs a lot of space when you live in New York? anyways love your art above your bed.

    1. Space is definitely not something you find affordably in the city! Thanks for reading :)

  4. I love every single item!! Even for a small space it's great you know how to save it darling!!
    Thank you for sharing this!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading Anastasia!

  5. Your place is just too perfect! I'm loving how you hang some of your shoes on the wall, and that quote above your bed is priceless :)

    1. It definitely took a lot of brainstorming to get it this "perfect"! My bestie got me that for an apartment warming gift - so great!


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