Friday, August 10, 2012

TGIF, An Update and a Casual Outfit!

It's amazing how quickly 5 weeks has come and gone.  Tomorrow I say goodbye to my boyfriend/best friend/love of my life as he ventures to New Zealand for a year of working, hunting, fishing and having a blast.  I couldn't be happier for him but I couldn't be sadder at the same time.  Luckily I've got plans to visit him and luckily I'm headed off to NYC for my own adventures, but it'll definitely be a sad day.  So that's what most of my weekend will consist of!  Otherwise I've got a couple more things to tackle on the bucket list.  Here's an update (and unfortunately I know I won't be able to finish it all).

  • Get Nachos at Silver Peak (happening Sunday with the besties!)
  • Take mom & brother to Louis Basque Corner
  • Go to an Aces game
  • Have the bf take me shooting one more time (I think it'll be a while before this happens again)
  • Spend time at Donner Lake/run the lake
  • Float the Truckee River
  • Take Kyle to Nik-n-Willie's Pizza (I worked there in high school and haven't had it in almost 4 years!!)
  • Eat at Garwoods and get a Wet Woody
  • Go to an Artown Event (didn't happen and Artown is over.  Boo.)
  • Night in the Country/one more concert (unfortunately, I don't think this is going to happen)
  • Get a Pedi at Soak and get one of their signature cocktails (happening Sunday as well!!)
  • Visit San Francisco one more time
  • Eat at the new cafe at the Nevada Museum of Art 

  • And here's a casual outfit from a while ago - love this maxi and am so happy I picked it up.  You should feel how soft it is :).

    Dress: Nordstrom Rack, Clutch: Target, Bracelets: Forever 21 and J.Crew

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    1. Goodbyes like that are so hard! But exciting that you have your own adventures to look forward to. Happy weekend tackling a few more items on your fun list!


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