Monday, July 9, 2012

My Backyard to the Big Apple

Happy Monday!  As promised a really exciting announcement on the blog today. 

This is definitely one of the most exciting yet gut-wrenching posts I've ever written...

Today I put in my 4-week notice at work because I have decided to move to the Big Apple!  This is exciting because of all the adventures that await but gut-wrenching because I have only ever lived in Reno (we are talking almost 25 years, and yes I stayed here for college) and I have never done something this gutsy before (picking up and moving without a job, without an apartment and only knowing one person in NYC really well).  Basically I am chasing my dreams.  My family thinks I'm absolutely insane (but is supportive at the same time) but I truly feel like this is something I need to do.

I don't know what's going to happen to TheRightShoes (because as you may or may not have figured out, I take all my own pictures and I'm not sure how cool it is to trek around NYC with a tripod posing for yourself... :] ) but I hope this move improves the blog and opens more doors for me. 

So, for all of you living in, near or visiting NYC please shoot me an e-mail!  I'd love to meet up and get to know you!  For everyone else, I hope you follow me on my journey.  I can't wait to share :).

And hence the title of the post...  My Backyard to the Big Apple. 

6 weeks and counting!


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  1. Oh how exciting!
    Good for you! I hope everything goes great!

  2. So so excited for you, Tracy!! Maybe you can come to DC to visit-- it's not far!! I wish you the best of luck!!


  3. What an exciting new adventure you have ahead of you! Wishing you the best of luck!!!

  4. whooohoooo Congrats! I'm in Westchester, NY- we should meet up! :)


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