Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Next 10 Days...

I'd like to introduce you to the "cowgirl" side of me.  Each summer I dress up like a cowgirl and volunteer at the Reno Rodeo for 10 days.  I use the term cowgirl loosely because let's face it, I've only been on a horse about a dozen times in my life.  But, the Rodeo is something I am extremely passionate about because not only is it a blast but it benefits the community tremendously.  So, for the next 10 days I'll be running the 50/50 raffle committee in the evenings while trying to balance work and Kaia in the mix as well.  It's definitely the busiest 10 days of the year for me! 

Don't worry though!  I will not leave you hanging!  I've got a couple guest posts coming up and some reserve photos to share with you.

My gorgeous new boots

The babe and I last year at the Rodeo


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