Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tidbit on Threadsence

"Urban" and "Indie" are not words I would use to describe my style.  I like to think it's feminine chic with some casual prep, but not "urban" by any means.  This is a little strange because I am frequently drawn to styles on Urban Outfitters (which I feel is an extremely eclectic collection of clothing) and I recently discovered Threadsence. 

Threadsence describes itself (based on the top browser bar) as" indie urban."

Whoa, pump the breaks.  There's that "urban" word again.  But check some of these items out!  And they are affordable!


Threadsence by tadavis6 featuring a long sleeve chiffon blouse

Asymmetrical dress, $42
Mink Pink oversized cardigan, $77
Long sleeve chiffon blouse, $36
Paperbag shorts, $42

P.S.  I discovered this website on Liz's Late Afternoon blog - she has incredible style!  And oddly enough they just celebrated their birthday (weird I would discover them at this time...)

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