Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Sweater: Forever 21, Sweatshirt: UNR Bookstore, Jeans: Gap, Boots: Arturo Chang, Scarf: handmade

This past weekend was  good one.  I had a pretty rough week so when Friday evening hit and the bf suggested wine, pizza and a movie I was sold.  Saturday we went to the last home football game of the year and froze our tooshies off (it didn't get warmer than 35 that day.  I don't think you understand how many layers I disguised in the outfit above!) - hence why I felt like a warrior.  That night I met up with my bestest for a catch up drink.  Sunday consisted of sheer laziness with a side of lunch with the little brother, tracking down yarn to finish my infinity scarf/snood thingy and painting a little.
How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

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