Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TRS DIY: Pom Scarf

As I flipped through the November issue of InStyle I noticed the Tory Burch pom pom scarf Blake Lively was wearing and thought "Hey, that could be a really easy/great DIY!"  I ventured to the fabric store and found myself having a really hard time deciding on a fabric for my scarf.  I ultimately decided on a herrigbone print and went to work.  Here are the how-to's and the results!

Start with pom pom trim

1-2 yards of fabric (I went with 2 to make sure it was long enough)

Fabric glue for the trim

After you determine the final size of the scarf, glue the trim to the short ends

Let it dry
Style it up!  You can wrap it, leave it hanging, tie it, etc!


What's you're most recent DIY? 

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