Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puff Ball

Shirt: Custom Tailored (From China, compliments of the boss man), Vest: Forever 21, Skirt: Halogen, Shoes: Target

I was super excited when I purchsed this vest (read here) and I decided it had to be worn.  So, I threw it on yesterday morning with a pencil and button up.  At first I thought, "hmm...  it's a little puffy."  And by about 9:30 I'm pretty sure I had swallowed an entire ball of it's fur.  Literally.  That's right, this super cute vest I was really excited to wear managed to shed all over my office, my shirt, my skirt, you get the picture.  And not just small fuzzies but large clumps too. 

So this has officially taught me NOT to buy faux fur pieces from Forever 21 (I guess this was my first mistake) and you better believe it is going back.  Looks like I'm back on the prowl for a grey or black faux fur vest (needless to say this next one will be much higher quality).

What's your most recent shopping mistake?

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